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MuScle is a multiple sclerosis data base integrated by data curated and mined from large scale studies (genomic & miRNA).

This cluster of datasets, as well as its statistical analyses and crossmapping with other databases through CluSO (gene/potein cluster) was created to perform a systems biology approach. Promising outcomes of the implementation of an integrative approach, through gene ontologies and pathway analyses along with their interaction allow us to reach a potential data-driven hypothesis.

By the data mining of multiple sclerosis studies carry out in MuScle, plus the addition of multi-omic levels of information, its analyses can give rise to a more complete and meaningful biological connexion among the different processes and mechanisms involved in the disease, as well as the unravelling of the key elements involved in its manifestation and progression.

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Current stats:

Total number of molecule entries (redundant): 105543 Total number of studies listed in the database: 19 Total number of samples in Demographics file: 64
Number of unique (non-redundant) molecules: 34260 Number of unique studies listed in the database: 19 Number of unique samples in Demographics file: 64


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