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The Cardio/Vascular Disease Database, C/VD, is a Big Data molecular resource that provides information about the important molecules and their molecular changes in disease-associated traits that lead to cardio and vascular diseases in human and animal systems.

This resource was built by mining the existing literature and a digital curation of the collected data. In order to deal with the heterogeneity and diversity of the gathered data, a specific ontology was applied to tie together and harmonise the molecular studies based on gene and molecule clusters (CluSO) and the mapping of orthologous genes (OMAP) across human and animal species.

This database was intentionally built to allow disease pathway analysis by a data-driven content utilizing a biological systems approach, which is more amenable and contains a greater potential to provide an unbiased and testable hypothesis as the end result.

The C/VD database will incorporate existing knowledge that utilizes all available molecular information and therefore holds the potential to unravel and allow in-depth understanding of the key molecules and their regulation events modulate the basis and progression of cardio and vascular diseases.

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Current stats:

Total no. of molecule entries (redundant): 13945 Total no. of studies listed in the database: 92 Total no. of samples in Demographics file: 97 No. of total entries with extended information: 303
No. of unique (non-redundant) molecules: 4353 No. of unique studies listed in the database: 92 No. of unique samples in Demographics file: 97 No. of unique molecules with extended information: 231

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